Annual General Meeting 2017

The Annual General Meeting will be held this year 10.00 am on Sunday 3rd December at the Village Leisure Hotel, Dolomite Business Park, Coventry.

Owners’ Proposals and Nominations

I will be offering myself for re-election as President, but the role is also open for other nominations if you wish to put your name forward.

We do not currently have an Owners’ representative. The position is not an official one in the statutes, but was considered essential in the past while our president also held a position of Managing Director of the Administrators, WimPen, when there was a risk of conflict of interest. That risk no longer exists.

However, some owners feel there is still a need for another person to work with the President in an advisory role, so should any of you wish to present a nomination as Owners’ Representative for consideration by the AGM, please submit by 7th September, together with name of proposer and seconder, a head and shoulders photo and a brief biography to assist owners in making a decision.

Other Owners’ Proposals

We have already received proposals for upgrade of the bathroom and acceleration of the lounge refurbishment and there will be a proposal for charging for WiFi. If you wish to put any other proposals, please let me know as soon as possible if any research or additional information is required.

Please note that the deadline and latest date for nominations and proposals is 7th September 2017 to allow time for publication and distribution of the agenda booklet and should be sent to me at If you wish to discuss with me first, please give me a call. 01243 601100.

Proposals and nominations should be accompanied by the names of proposer and seconder, together with a brief description for the reasons behind the proposal.

Book a room

If you want to attend and book a room, it is better to book early. Book by phone: 02477 710860 or online

Quote ‘PRO10A’ to receive a 10% discount

Proxy Voting

The AGM is your opportunity to have your say and vote. If you are unable to attend, you may direct your chosen proxy to vote for, against or abstain each resolution or you can also leave voting to your proxy’s discretion.

If you don't have a particular person to choose as your proxy, you can always choose me, your president, in which case I would use your vote in whatever way you direct me.

Although there was a good turnout last year, around 40% of you did not use your proxy vote.

Last Year’s Minutes

If you haven’t see the minutes from the last AGM, they are available for download from the members’ area of Wimpen’s Las Casitas website or contact WimPen for a copy.. Cont me if you have lost your password for the members’ area.

Call 01243 601100 or 0796 222 4554


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