Annual General Meeting - UPDATE

What Happened at the AGM?

Nothing too controversial this year and it was a shorter meeting than usual, rather shorter than Las Brisas which i gather went on for over 5 hours!

There was the election of President of course and a fond farewell to our retiring President, Ivan Pengelly, having served some 25 years in the role. We will miss his experience and knowledge, but i will hopefully be able to stay in touch with him.

Owners' Representative

There was some debate about the demise of the role of Owners' representative, an unofficial position that was established when our president was also Director of WimPen to help avoid any conflict of interest. This role is now combined with the role of President.

If the position is reinstated, then personally I am not sure what the exact role of an owners' representative would be, especially as now that you have an independent Owner President, but this may come back for further debate at next years AGM.

Of course i remain fully accountable to you, the owners, through the AGM and by email and these news bulletins.

Wimpen and Bar Franchise Contracts

There was no debate and it was agreed to renew these with a new 3 year contract as usual.


The AGM was pleased to learn of the success of the rental programme, which for the first time produced a reduction in the bad debt provision and allowed for a further year with no increase in maintenance, which is just as well given the Brexit effect on the pound/euro exchange rate.

Last years minutes are available for download in the members area here:

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