The AGM 2015  - What Happened . . .

New Rental System for Owners approved

Owners voted overwhelmingly to continue the rental programme introduced by Onagrup after seeing the improved income that will take care  of a good proportion of our bad debts.

In a lively debate, in the end, owners felt that the long term viability of the community was more important than the concerns of the minority of owners who rent extra weeks, who should be encouraged to buy weeks that are currently on sale at bargain prices. In the last 2 months, Maureen has sold 39 weeks, mostly to existing owners.

President’s Advisory Committee Rejected

Owners had no appetite for a committee to represent them and this proposal was heavily defeated.

Other News

The proposal to look at possibilty of transferring shares to a Trustee Company in isle of Man was withdrawn and the proposal to take test cases of bad debtors to court was heavily defeated due to the cost and time required, with no guarantee of success. It was agreed that the existing system of showing a bad debt provision, and the renting out of blocked villas should be continued

Wimpen’s 3 year contract was approved, as was the budget, which would mean no increase in maintenance rates in the coming year.

Onagrup gave an interesting presentation giving details of their successes in renting weeks, I will endeavour to obtain a copy and publish it here.

Ivan Pengelly re-elected as President

In a closely fought and friendly contest, Ivan Pengelly was re-elected President of the Community, and Roger Barrow is  to continue as Owners representative.

Roger said “ I congratulate Ivan, he has looked after us well over the years and our working relationship has worked well. I am happy to contine to represent owners:

Bar Franchise Contract

The proposer accepted an amendment and it was agreed that Ronnie and Maureen should have a 3 year contract renewed annually in the same way as Wimpen’s contract is agreed.  This will provide them with much greater security

Holding Company Shares

A resolution requiring  that the statutes are changed requiring General meeting approval before the shares can be transferred was agreed. This will now be a matter of public record and provides additional protection to the Holding company, which is now a very valuable asset as the Holding Co  holds the legal title to 50% of the weeks.


Following a spate of burglaries last week, it was agreed that an additional EUR20,000 be invested for a full time dedicated security man for Las Casitas to be recruited. The doors will also be strengthened.

Download the Minutes

The AGM 2016

The Annual General Meeting will be held this year 10.00 am on Sunday 4th December at the Village Leisure Hotel, Dolomite Business Park, Coventry.

If you want to attend and book a room, it is better to book early. There is no special rate this year and there are other hotels in the area you could consider.

Any nominations or other proposals should be submitted to WimPen together with proposer and seconder by 10th September 2016. Write to
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Roger Barrow
Owners’ Representative